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Program overview

TAOTIC Impact Investment Readiness Program is more than just a typical training; it is a structured done-with-you program designed to provide practical guidance and hands-on technical assistance and professional support to empower high-impact startups fill in the gaps and overcome challenges in raising capital from impact investors.

The program is consisted of a comprehensive 20-week module, with access to tailored post-program support services, aimed at empowering passionate social entrepreneurs, who have begun generating revenue and are committed to addressing critical societal issues for the masses while also achieving financial sustainability.

This program is devised to equip you with the necessary skills, hands-on technical and professional support, tools, and resources to attract impact investment and scale your social enterprise to maximize its positive impact. We will work together to take your social venture to the next level by providing tailored guidance, hands-on support, and access to right impact investors. If your social enterprise is ready to grow and drive transformative change, this program is for you.

Program Highlights:

This is a hybrid program delivered both virtually and in-person. The program will run from early November 2023 to April 2024. You will need to dedicate at least 5 hours per week over the 20 weeks to successfully complete the programme, broken down into the following:

  • A Welcome and Orientation session
  • One lecture style session per module starting from November to April: A two hours session.
  • One Ask Me Anything (AMA) session per module: A three hours session
  • One to Three Activities per module: Individual or group assignments.
  • Office hours - Tailored individual or group coaching sessions are available on demand and subject to the availability of all parties involved. A 30 minutes to 60 minutes feedback and/or hands-on support session.
  • A Graduation ceremony in 25th week.
  • Continuous post-program fundraising support.

Core Program Timeline:

  • Module Zero: Week 1
  • Module One Lecture: Week 2
  • Module One Activities: Week 3
  • Module One AMA: Week 4
  • Module Two Lecture: Week 5
  • Module Two Activities: Week 6
  • Module Two AMA: Week 6
  • Module Break: Week 7
  • Module Three Lecture: Week 8
  • Module Three Activities: Week 9
  • Module Three AMA: Week 10
  • Module Four Lecture: Week 11
  • Module Four Activities: Week 12
  • Module Four AMA: Week 13
  • Module Break: Week 14
  • Module Five Lecture: Week 15
  • Module Five Activities: Week 16
  • Module Five AMA: Week 17
  • Module Six Lecture: Week 18
  • Module Six Activities: Week 19
  • Module Six AMA: Week 20
  • Module Break: Week 21
  • Graduation: Week 25


  1. Structured Done-With-You Program: Step away from conventional training programs. Our IRP offers a transformative step-by-step "done-with-you" approach, where we work side by side with you, providing hands-on technical assistance and professional support. Together, we'll review and revise all critical aspects of your fundraising game plan, ensuring your success in attracting impact investment.
  2. Hybrid Learning Experience: Embrace the power of immersive learning with our hybrid program. Seamlessly combining virtual and in-person experiences, our dynamic learning environment ensures accessibility and allows you to engage with experts and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, regardless of your geographical location.
  3. Tailored Support: We understand that each social enterprise is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our program is fully customized to focus on identifying and filling in your unique gaps, aligning with your vision, and meeting your precise fundraising goals. You'll receive personalized guidance that empowers your venture to thrive.
  4. Ongoing Post-Program Support: The support doesn't end with the program completion. Beyond the 20-week module, we stand by your side throughout your fundraising journey. Our team provides continuous support, ensuring you have the necessary resources and guidance to achieve your fundraising goal within the set timeframe.
  5. Holistic Fundraising Support: Our comprehensive support covers all aspects of the fundraising process. From designing your financial model to preparing compelling investment documents and skillfully negotiating terms, we provide you with the tools and expertise to secure the capital your social enterprise needs.
  6. Access to Impact Investors: Through our extensive network, we connect startups with impact investors who are passionate about supporting ventures with meaningful social and environmental missions. Our connections provide you with a direct path to investors aligned with your vision, accelerating your journey towards positive impact.
Minimum Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Impact Investment Readiness Program, your social enterprise must meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Post-Revenue Enterprise: Your social enterprise must have gone beyond the minimum viable product (MVP) stage and should be currently generating revenue from its operations.
  2. For-Profit Enterprise: Your social enterprise must operate as a for-profit entity. Non-profit organizations are not eligible for this program.
  3. Demonstrable Positive Impact For The Masses: Your social enterprise must have a demonstrable and measurable social or environmental impact. We are looking for ventures that address pressing societal challenges and create positive change for the masses.
  4. Innovative: Your social enterprise should offer an innovative solution, product, service, or business model that challenges the status quo and brings a unique approach to addressing social or environmental issues. The innovation could encompass any aspect of your venture that demonstrates creative thinking and sets it apart from traditional approaches. The timing and relevance of the innovation is of particular importance.
  5. Scalable Business Model: Your social enterprise must possess a business model with the capacity to exponentially scale its solution to a broad customer base and demonstrate the potential for seamless cross-border expansions. Business models that strategically leverage advanced technology to optimize production, delivery, communication, and operational processes are more likely to exhibit higher scalability potential.

Please ensure that your social enterprise meets all the above criteria before applying for the Impact Investment Readiness Program. Only eligible applicants will be considered for participation in the program.

Application Process

To apply for our Impact Investment Readiness Program, please complete the application form with accurate and detailed information about your social enterprise. We want to understand your business, its social mission, and its potential for scalable impact. The information you provide will help us evaluate your eligibility for the program and tailor our support to meet your specific needs.

Only successful applicants will be contacted

To help you prepare your responses before filling the actual application form, we have provided a sample application form for you to download and view all the questions. Please note that the sample application form is for preparation purposes only and cannot be submitted as part of your application. The online form is the official platform for submitting your application to the TAOTIC Impact Investment Readiness Program.

Download Sample Application Form
Program Timeline
Make An Impact
Program Fee Options
TZS 1.8 Million

Pay the program fees in three equal installments of TZS 600,000 as advance payment (before the program starts), interim instalment (before the end of the 1st module break) and final instalment (before the end of the 2nd module break)

success fee
Equivalent to 5% of investment received within 3 years

Pay the program fees as a performance-based fee, which will be 5% of the investment received within three years after the program concludes, with a cap at 5 times the upfront cash payment.

Ownership Stake
Equivalent to 10% of investment received within 3 years

Pay the program fees in equity stake, which will be 10% of the investment received within three years after the program concludes, with a cap at 7.5 times the upfront cash payment.